2015 Preservation Award by Historic Hawaii Foundation awarded to Minatoishi Architects for the rehabilitation of Building 9 at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility

Building 9 (83,440 sf) was the first storehouse built in the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard under the Act of Congress of 13 May 1908. Completed in 1913, it is considered an important historic building of early Shipyard construction, as it was the only general storehouse of permanent construction on the installation until 1918. The building will be renovated and restored in 2014.

With the lead architecture firm WCIT, we acted as the preservation consultant in charge of reviewing design drawings and technical information, ensuring that the design and construction of the facility follows the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines. We consulted with SHPD, NAVFAC, and other consulting parties along with inventorying existing building conditions including windows, doors, and building structure. We also monitored the site during construction and site recordation.