2014 State of Hawaii Senate Congratulatory Certificate recognizes and celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Wakamiya Inari Shrine to the Inari Shrine Preservation Committee members

2014 Plantation Legacy Award by Hawaii Plantation Village awarded to Lorraine Minatoishi for her commitment to honor and perpetuate the legacy of Hawaii Sugar Plantation communities

Thirty-five years ago this historic shrine was moved from King Street to the Waipahu Plantation village. In 2014, the original group who fought to save the shrine came together to rehabilitate the structure.

The Wakamiya Inari Shrine is architecturally significant as the only example of this Shinto sect’s traditional shrine architecture on O’ahu. It follows traditional Japanese forms and serves as a visual reminder of the Japanese influence in Hawaii. Like other Inari shrines, this one is painted a bright red, which makes this modest building distinct from other Shinto shrines which are left to weather naturally.

The shrine was constructed in 1914 under the direction of the Reverend Yoshio Akizaki. With the passing of the son, the property on which the shrine stood was sold and the shrine was moved to its present location at Waipahu Plantation Village