Located in Kailua, this small cottage has a floor plan that is functional and artistic- a formal entry alcove, with a client meeting area to one side and the office area at another. One of the highlights of the design is the fountain wall made of natural rock from Hawaii that flows into a trench inside the office.

Every element of this structure was custom made for this building. The wooden louvers, the pocketing window shades, and the large operable doors at the end of the structure were custom fabricated. The roofing material is ironwood brought in from Indonesia.

This cottage measures 675 SF and incorporates two rooms, a wet bar, full bathroom with outdoor shower, and lanai area. This is a good example of a legal Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). An ADU is a second unit on a residential property that includes its own kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom as an accessory to the main houses sited at the rear or side of the house. The unit can be up to 800 SF for lots greater than 5000SF. Mayor Caldwell signed the ADU Ordinance in September 2015.