2004 State of Hawaii House of Representatives Resolution awarded to Lorraine Minatoishi for participation in the efforts to save the Honolulu Memorial Park Nuuanu-Sanju Pagoda from demolition

2005 State of Hawaii House of Representatives Congratulatory Certificate for the successful presentation of the “Japanese Temple Architecture in Hawaii” exhibition, in support of the effort to bring awareness and appreciation of the diversity and the historical significance of these little known structures

2006 Preservation Award by Historic Hawaii Foundation awarded to Lorraine Minatoishi, Paul Chesley and Michael Schuster, East–West Center for the exhibit “The Architecture of Japanese Temples”

2012 Historic Preservation Commendation by Historic Hawaii Foundation awarded to Lorraine Minatoishi for the “Aloha Buddha” Documentary 

A 2011 documentary examining the history and growth of Japanese Buddhism in Hawaii, produced by Lorraine Minatoishi and Directed by Radiant Features. In the early 1900s, Buddhism was a major religion in Hawaii, with close to half of the population holding their family memberships with any one of the 170 temples located on the islands of Hawaii. Today, according to the census taken in 2010, fewer than five percent of our population professes to be Buddhists. What has happened over the past 80 years to the people of Hawaii to cause such a shift, and whey, with the tremendous upswing and interest in Buddhism on the mainland US doesn’t Hawaii increase its membership even today? The answers to this are simple, yet complex at the same time, and a final question remains, what is the future of Buddhism in Hawaii?